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(Credit: Rene Passet)


Listen to the new Floating Points song 'Vocoder'

Floating Points - 'Vocoder'

Floating Points, also known as Sam Shepherd, may have just dropped the single everyone needed to dance the summer away. Following shortly behind his Pharoah Sanders and London Symphony Orchestra collaboration Promises, which won him critical acclaim, Shepherd’s new song is a hyper swirl.

The British DJ and electronic music producer is no stranger to eclectic, ambient sound, especially after taking the fuller, orchestral direction with Promises. However, even on his previous effort Crush, it seems that the songs were deeper, perhaps a little more spacious than his true-to-EDM venture single that just dropped via Ninja Tune.

This new track, however, almost sounds like his beats went through the washing machine, coming out the other side with a squeaky-clean freshness that nobody was expecting. 

When people describe a sound as “clean” it often gets a bad rap right away. This isn’t the case with Floating Points’ newest single, ‘Vocoder’. In fact, this was a great switch-up that subverted expectations and gave way to something elevated. Even though there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this new track from a genre standpoint, Shepherd set his sights and executed well. And in doing so, he made a solid EDM dance track perfectly tailored for the next rooftop party, Bushwick rave, or impromptu psychedelic romp.

The song goes on for over seven minutes, ebbing and flowing through intensity—a skill well-practised on Promises. Even if fans were clamouring for Floating Points’ next effort to be of the orchestral flavour, Shepherd wanted to get back to his roots, and that’s exactly what he did.

The track is fairly simple. But simplicity is a part of its charm. The musicality and the beat are what carry it through, no gimmicks required. This is the song to round out a playlist, and whether or not we want to admit it, we need more of those in the world.

If you want to check out Floating Worlds’ new song ‘Vocoder’, you can check it out below.