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i_o, the EDM producer, DJ and Grimes collaborator, has died at the age of 30


i_o, the producer and DJ born Garrett Falls Lockhart, has died at the age of 30.

The musician, who was a recent collaborator of Grimes, was confirmed dead in a statement posted to Lockhart’s official social account but details of the cause are not yet known. “This extremely talented spirit taught us that even if nothing matters, you can still lead with love,” the statement reads.

The short message concluded: “Garrett’s truth and soul lives on through the music he shared.”

Lockhart, who was originally based in Washington, DC, took the decision to move his life to Los Angeles where he quickly began to establish his name within the electronic music scene. As critical acclaimed around the producer’s work began to snowball, he recently announced a major deal with Armada Music, one of the largest dance music record labels in the industry.

While Lockhart’s success continued, the musician also announced the formation of his own company, ‘Label 444’, after collaborating with a number of high profile names such as DeadMau5, Grimes, Above & Beyond and more.

Garrett has always been open to discussing difficult topics such as his depression and mental health issues and, In a recent interview with The Nocturnal Times, he said: “‘In My Head’ reflects on depression and the lengths you go to quell the warped anxiety and polar ups and downs. I wrote this after I’d been up every night until 8 a.m. for what felt like months. It’d been a while since I’d played a show, and I didn’t realize what kind of high I had been riding until touring stopped abruptly in March 2020.”

He added: “I really wanted to write something uplifting, but the chords got more and more melancholy and the progression got more and more tense. Finally, I was left with a top-line that repeated over and over, an ironic rapture that was contrary to the heavy-heartedness I was going through.”

News of his passing has hit the electronic music industry hard and, as tributes continue to flood in, DeadMau5 wrote: “Going to miss you my dude, it was a real pleasure working with you and watching you succeed… may you find rest, and let your music live on into eternity.”