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(Credit: Legendary Pictures)


Watch the new Netflix trailer for 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'

Netflix has already built up an interesting lineup for 2022, with many revamps of classics on the roster. The one that horror fans will be most excited about and simultaneously fearful of is the latest addition to the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise which all stared with the 1974 original by Tobe Hooper.

This new instalment is being directed by David Blue Garcia and will serve as a sequel to the 1974 film, set several decades after the events of the original. The ninth addition to the franchise, Netflix is looking to reinforce its collection of horror projects but many fans will definitely be apprehensive since such franchise additions are often underwhelming.

The story of this particular film revolves around Melody (played by Sarah Yarkin) who moves to a small town in Texas with her sister and friends in order to get a business going. However, they realise that they are being targeted by the infamous Leatherface and come across a survivor of his previous massacres.

According to reports, the initial test screenings garnered negative responses from the audience members but the film’s writer Fede Álvarez responded: “I would let the studio announce [the planned release], but we played it a couple times. There was someone online who said it didn’t go well; I don’t know what screening he was at… it was amazing.”

Adding, “It started just as Evil Dead started; us thinking, what can we do with this character and this franchise. A lot of respect for the legacy of the first movie, but we’re aware there’s a new audience out there who might not love it or doesn’t know anything about it, so we need to make sure they can enjoy it as well. That’s how the story was crafted.”

Watch the new trailer for Texas Chainsaw Massacre below.