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Neils Children - Trust You


So they’re back, and it must be said, with a huge psyche bang! In a journey that has lasted over fourteen years, Neils Children have meandered down a raucous, ear drum perforating punk polluted river, clung to the driftwood of Cure esq guitar pop, been capsized by unexpected flash floods in the form of original member departure before finally arriving upon dry land with an epic, cinematic, warped sound Syd Barrett would be proud of, all exquisitely encapsulated in the new 2013 album release Dimly Lit.

It’s from the new record that our track of the day derives and it’s a good one trust us, as we present Trust You, a terrific tune by, arguably, one of Britain’s must overlooked bands.


Think of Trust You as a plant, one that has absorbed all of NC’s musical past whilst growing towards the ever-popular lysergic rock future, a future currently being taken forward by the much-coveted Temples: Evoking memories of Joy Division’s early efforts especially, in the opening seconds we’re immediately hit by a dissident plodding baseline not only archetypal of the UK’s post punk past but also an indication that NC are not yet ready to sever their early influences, but the trip really kicks in soon after with heavy bouts of distortion, echoed vocal and eventually waves of surreal synth.

Trust You is a storming record amidst a set of stupendous, psychedelic tracks on Dimly Lit. Many critics have billed Dimly Lit as the sound of the future, well, if this is the sound of the future then let’s make the future now!

Joshua Hevicon.