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(Credit: Graham Berry)


Neil Young shares trailer from new documentary 'Mountaintop'

Neil Young and Crazy Horse have revealed details of an upcoming documentary called ‘Mountaintop’ which will give fans the chance to get an insight into the process of their upcoming album Colorado which is due out later this month.

The new album is the first record that Young has made alongside Crazy Horse in seven years since 2012’s Psychedelic Pill and is due to be released via Reprise on October 25. In the run up to the release of the record, the documentary will be arrive in cinemas across North America on October 22nd but unfortunately it won’t be available for fans in Europe and South America until November 18th.

Watch the trailer for ‘Mountaintop’ below.

The film is being credited under Neil Young’s directorial pseudonym of Bernard Shakey. Film-making is something that Young has a real passion for and he revealed in August that he would be taking some time off the road to spend the rest of 2019 working away on 15 different film projects that he you can see listed below:

‘A Rusted out Garage‘ [Crazy Horse’s 1987 tour]
‘Greendale Live’ [Crazy Horse’s 2002-03 tour]
‘Alchemy‘ [Crazy Horse’s 2012-14 tour]
‘Tokyo Budokan 76‘ [A 1976 show in Japan with Crazy Horse]
‘London Odeon Hammersmith 76‘ [A 1976 show in London with Crazy Horse]
‘Solo Trans‘ [Young’s one-man show supporting ‘Trans’ in 1983]
‘Stray Gators Harvest Sessions‘ [The 1971 recording sessions for ‘Harvest’]
‘Greendale Live at Vicar Street‘ [A March 2003 stop of the solo ‘Greendale’ tour]
‘The Boarding House‘ [A 1978 solo acoustic stand at the Boarding House club in San Francisco]
‘Silver and Gold‘ [A 1999 solo acoustic tour]
‘Stratford Shakespearean Theater 1971‘ [A January 1971 solo acoustic show in Connecticut]
‘Solo BBC 1971‘ [A BBC solo acoustic show taped February 23rd, 1971]
‘Trans 2020‘ [An animated film by Micah Nelson using the music of Young’s 1982 LP ‘Trans‘]