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Neil Young planning gigantic archival release schedule


Somethings are as natural as the tides lapping the shore and, as sure as they will once again arrive to bring in a fresh new wave of sand, so Neil Young will always be preparing a brand new release. This time, it’s a gigantic archival drop.

Young has announced a huge schedule of archival projects that will be released in the near future, carrying on from his more recent return to the past. It’s clear that nobody has a vault like Young.

Over recent years the singer-songwriter hasn’t been shy about dipping into the vault of work he has under lock and key. Reissuing Homegrown as well as a number of live recordings, Young made 2020 a little more bearable. Now, he’s looking to brighten up 2021 too.

It seems as though more and more projects are now being scheduled for release after acknowledging that the hellfire year that was 2020 has helped him to accentuate “the focus, a gift,” and concentrate on the dusty shelves of his record collection

Visiting Young fnasite Thrasher’s Wheat, six “Official Bootleg” releases will be on the way soon and work as the instalment four to seven of Young’s Original Recording series, which will mean a few full albums in hi-res sound.

According to a pair of posts on Neil Young news site Thrasher’s Wheat, there are six “Official Bootleg” releases on the way as well as instalments 4-7 in Young’s Original Recording Series, including several albums in hi-res.

There will also be some Crazy Horse LPs too, including EARLY DAZE and Toast as well as a bunch of live records chronicling Young’s time with CSNY and Buffalo Springfield.

You can see the full list of releases here.