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Neil Young express concerns about the souls of Spotify employees and calls for them to leave


Neil Young has continued to voice his concerns over apparent misinformation disseminated on Spotify regarding Covid-19 via The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This time he has taken aim at the employees of the streaming service itself. 

The legendary folk musician, who recently sold half of his back catalogue for $150million, told employees of Spotify, “Join me as I move my money away from the damage causers or you will unintentionally be one of them.”

On February 7th, Young released his latest statement on his website explaining that “in our communication age, misinformation is the problem.” Before giving his advice to those reliant on a wage from Spotify, “Ditch the misinformers. Find a good clean place to support with your monthly checks. You have real power. Use it.”

He then focused his advice towards his own demographic, opining: “To the baby boomers, I say 70 percent of the country’s financial assets are in your hands compared with just about five percent for millennials. You and I need to lead.”

Young himself previously stated that he was set to lose out on roughly 60 percent of his streaming income by leaving Spotify in his stand against misinformation. While Spotify have since announced that they would pioneer a warning message before applicable content, this seems to have done very little to appease the outraged musician. 

In the aftermath, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek asserted that the company will not change their policies based on one creator nor do we change it based on any media cycle, or calls from anyone else.”

Culture in the internet age: Neil Young, Spotify and the politics at play behind the misinformation dispute

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Continuing: “Our policies have been carefully written with the input from numbers of internal and external experts in this space. And I do believe they’re right for our platform. And while Joe has a massive audience—he is actually the number one podcast in more than 90 markets—he also has to abide by those policies.”

This seemingly did not go unnoticed by Young, who responded: “To the musicians and creators in the world, I say this: You must be able to find a better place than Spotify to be the home of your art. To the workers at Spotify, I say Daniel Ek is your big problem – not Joe Rogan. Ek pulls the strings. Get out of that place before it eats up your soul. The only goals stated by Ek are about numbers – not art, not creativity.”

However, Spotify was not the only company he condemned in his message. He also disparaged major American banks, including Chase, Citi, Bank of America and Wells Fargo for their “continued funding of the fossil fuel damage even as the global temperature keeps climbing.”

This culminated in an overall message of taking dominion of your own individual capital and using its power to influence the world. “Join me as I move my money away from the damage causers or you will unintentionally be one of them,” he said. “You have the power to change the world. We can do it together. Your grandchildren will thank you in history.”