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(Credit: Takahiro Kyono)

Watch Neil Young and Crazy Horse cover Bruce Springsteen hit ‘Born In The USA’

As it’s his 74th birthday we thought we’d celebrate the American songbird that is Neil Young. Ignoring the fact that he is actually Canadian, we’re looking back at a special moment when he and Crazy Horse covered Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’.

It has surfaced this week that Neil Young’s citizenship is being held up because of his known marijuana use. So, with Young finding himself at the backend of a long queue for U.S. Border control, we thought we’d cheer him up by replaying this 2013 cover of The Boss’ 1984 hit.

The song, ironic as it is today, may well bring a smile to Young on his birthday and we can’t think of anything better than a smiling Neil Young.

“Yeah, there’s a change [in me]. [Being a rich man] doesn’t make living easier, but it does make certain aspects of your life easier,” Springsteen once said following the incredible success of the song and subsequent album. “You don’t have to worry about rent, you can buy things for your folks and help out your friends, and you can have a good time, you know?” he added.

“I don’t really think [money] does change you. It’s an inanimate thing, a tool, a convenience. If you’ve got to have a problem, it’s a good problem to have. Money was kind of part of the dream when I started. I don’t think…I never felt like I ever played a note for the money. I think if I did, people would know, and they’d throw you out of the joint. And you’d deserve to go. But at the same time, it was a part of the dream.”

We don’t want to focus too much on the mountains of cash Springsteen made from that one song so we decided to explore the world of Neil Young and his band Crazy Horse. While Young and Springsteen have performed together a handful of times in the past, this is the only footage we could find of one of the aforementioned names paying tribute live on stage.

Young’s band, joined on stage by keyboard and guitar player Nils Lofgren, ripped through a rendition of the Springsteen hit while performing at the ‘MusiCares’ pre-Grammy benefit show back in 2013. The inclusion of Lofgren, a musician who toured with Young and Crazy Horse in 1973 after the group’s founding guitarist Danny Whitten died, proved to be an emotional move for Young and the band.

The footage isn’t great but the sound is all good. Happy Independence Day to all our American readers!

“I’m a long gone Daddy in the U.S.A, I’m a cool rocking Daddy in the U.S.A”

Source: Neil Young News