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Neil Young and Crazy Horse announce new album 'Barn'

Back in July, Neil Young posted on his ‘Neil Young Archives’ website that he and his longtime band, Crazy Horse, were going back into the barn on his California ranch property to begin woodshedding songs for a new album.

Well, consider that woodshedding complete because today Young has announced the completion of a new album entitled Barn.

The tweet below just shows Young at the lake on his property, but if you head over to the website you’ll see an announcement for a new song called ‘Song of the Seasons’ that reads: “Written in Canada about a year ago, it’s the oldest song on Barn. There was a recording of the song done in my hometown that is the earliest. This is the first one with Crazy Horse! It starts the album.”

This will be the 15th full-length LP studio collaboration between Young and Crazy Horse, with the most recent album having been 2019’s Colorado. This version of the band features E Street guitarist Nils Lofgren instead of Frank ‘Poncho’ Sampedro who retired from the group in 2014. Lofgren famously played with Young and longtime Crazy Horse members Billy Talbot and Ralph Molina as The Santa Monica Flyers on the album Tonight’s the Night.

If you want to listen to ‘Song of the Seasons’, you currently have to be subscribed to the Neil Young Archives. If you’re not, you’ll just have to wait for the song to drop on streaming services at some point.

Check out the tracklisting for Barn down below.

Barn tracklisting:

1. ‘Song Of The Seasons’
2. ‘Heading West’
3. ‘Change Ain’t Never Gonna’
4. ‘Canerican’
5. ‘Shape Of You’
6. ‘They Might Be Lost’
7. ‘Human Race’
8. ‘Tumblin’ Thru The Years’
9. ‘Welcome Back’
10. ‘Don’t Forget Love’