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(Credit: Graham Berry)


Neil Young announces surprise 2020 Crazy Horse tour

Despite originally telling his fans not to expect anything in regards to future tour dates, Neil Young has announced his intentions to take his Crazy Horse band on tour.

Young, who was granted his U.S. citizenship last month, said a matter of weeks ago that touring was not on his agenda, defiantly explaining that he was “not focused on playing” before adding “I am taking care of my music.”

Now though, in a slightly nostalgic decision, Young has done a total U-turn on his previous plans and is hoping to take his band out on the road to visit some of North America’s most iconic music venues and, in turn, avoid the newer buildings altogether.

“Many of the old places were used to play are gone now,” Young wrote on the Neil Young Archives, “replaced by new coliseums we have to book [a] year in advance and we don’t want to anyway. That’s not the way we like to play… so we have decided to play the old arenas – not the new sports facilities put up by corporations for their sports teams. Largely soulless, these new buildings cost a fortune to play in.”

“We wanted to play in a couple of months because we feel like it,” he continued. “To us it’s not a regular job. We don’t like the new rules.”

He concluded: “If you are looking for us on our Crazy Horse Barn Tour. We will hopefully be in one of the existing arenas. Hope to see you there. News coming pretty soon!”

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