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(Credit: Tankboy)


Listen to isolated drums of Rush's Neil Peart on their song 'The Spirit of the Radio'

We’re taking a look back at the vibrant talent of Rush drummer, the late, great Neil Peart through this isolated drum track from a live performance of their song ‘The Spirit of the Radio’.

Peart was famed for being the creative drive behind much of Rush’s prog-rock glory. The drummer became synonymous with expert musicianship and artistry and that is no better seen than in this isolated drum track.

The song, taken from 1980’s Permanent Waves, was created out of not only CFNY’s motto at the time: “The spirit of radio” but a deliberate attempt to match up to the radio.

Peart told CBC about the track: “I remember coming home very late and CFNY Radio was on the air, and as I was cresting the escarpment with all of the lights below of Hamilton and the Niagara Peninsula, where I lived at the time, with a fantastic combination of music that was on at the time,” he confirmed.

He added: “The song itself, musically, is switching between radio stations, with a reggae section at the end, the second verse is new waves, I’m playing like a punk drummer there, and that was all intentional.”

It makes the track one of the band’s most difficult to perform live but, judging by the isolated drums below, Peart didn’t find it too straining as he shows off his powerful command of percussion.

His ability to make ghost notes land as loudly as those enlivened with his trademark precision means this performance may well be one of Peart’s most impressive.

Listen below to the genius of Neil Peart on Rush’s ‘The Spirit of the Radio’ below.