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(Credit: Wavves)


Nathan Williams of Wavves names his favourite film of all time

Wavves is a name that rings out loudly whenever the landscape of contemporary rock music is in question. Founded back in 2008 by trailblazing frontman Nathan Williams, the band has gone on to achieve a dedicated following as well as critical acclaim. They even released their latest album, Hideaway, earlier this year which made them a part of the conversation once again.

Mainly described as an alternative rock outfit, Wavves bring a lot to the table and a major part of it is due to Williams. Over the course of what has been a turbulent personal journey, the frontman has grappled with heroin addiction and substance abuse issues. He said: “I think it’s really easy, you have a lot of people talking about popping [Xanax] and drinking lean and all this stuff that’s so addictive and terrible for you. It’s just a road that’s really better left not travelled.”

Musicians often surprise their fans when they open up about their personal tastes in books and films and that is certainly the case with Williams as well. When he was asked to name his favourite film of all time, Williams shrouded his answer in ambiguity by naming the cult classic Space Jam but added: “It’s that or Looney Tunes: Back In Action.”

“It’s a tough call,” Williams explained. “I’m looking at the DVDs on our bus. Osmosis Jones, that’s got a really funny joke on the front – ‘he’s one cell of a guy’. And then there’s Funky Monkey, which is apparently about a monkey that’s funky.” Space Jam recently got its long-awaited sequel and much to the horror of those who admire the original, it tarnished the legacy of the first film.

Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, Space Jam: A New Legacy starred icons like LeBron James and Don Cheadle but it did not match up to the magic of Space Jam. “That was what attracted me to the project most of all. Besides the Looney Tunes, besides LeBron James, at its core was this father-son story,” Lee elaborated. “Being the father of three boys myself, I can very much relate to being a parent who wants the best for their children and wants to help them go in the direction that I went.”

The director went on to justify the project claiming that it had a positive impact on younger audiences: “I think that’s why it’s a great message for families, and from parents to children. You do have to let them go at some point. You guide them, but at some point, you’ve got to let them be who they’re going to be.”

If you’re an ardent fan of the original, chances are that you have already been disappointed by the sequel but in case you haven’t seen it yet – watch the trailer for the Space Jam sequel below and save yourself the pain of enduring the entire film.