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Wavves frontman Nathan Williams opens up about his past heroin use


Wavves frontman Nathan Williams has taken the step to openly discuss his previous heroin addiction while being interviewed on ESPN’s Highly Questionable show.

Talking about how he found himself living in a squat house in San Diego called “the Junkyard” with 15 other people, Williams talks about the guilt he carries around with him having finally escaped the tragic trap of druf addiction.

“We had no furniture in it,” he said in reference to the squat. “The only furniture we had was a wheelchair that I had stolen from SeaWorld. There was no kitchen. Cops came in and raided the place and kicked in the door and arrested everybody. It was foul.”

Having only spoken briefly about his drug use recently, the Wavves man was desperate to push through his desire not to glamourise drug use. “I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea and think that I’m sort of glamorising drug use…The reason I talked about it, was for kids now,” he said. “I think it’s really easy, you have a lot of people talking about popping xans and drinking lean and all this stuff that’s so addictive and terrible for you. It’s just a road that’s really better left not traveled.”

Watch the interview here: