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Natalie Portman names her favourite movie of all time


Natalie Portman is an outstanding actress who has been working in the realm of cinema since childhood. From her work in Leon: The Professional to her roles in the Star Wars prequels and her iconic performance in Black Swan, Portman has proven time and time again that she’s not only an actor with extraordinary talent, but also one with grace and range. 

It’s always interesting to look into the films that actors value dearly, especially when the actor in question boasts such a supremely impressive body of work themselves. When it comes to Natalie Portman, she actually discussed her favourite film back in 2020 when introduced the project for the American Film Institute. 

The film Portman named as one of her all-time favourites was none other than Dirty Dancing. The movie is a classic from 1987 and follows the story of a girl who goes to the Catskills over the summer and ends up falling in love with a dance instructor. Famously, the feature stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey in the lead.

When introducing the film as part of the AFI Movie Club, Natalie Portman said: “Dirty Dancing is one of my favourite movies of all time. It is certainly the movie I’ve watched most in my life…it’s just one of the best, best movies.”

“Lots of love and phenomenal dancing ensues,” she describes after she gives a bit of a plot synopsis. Even for a celebrated actor like Natalie Portman, being given the opportunity to introduce one of your favourite movies as part of an organisation like the AFI Movie Club is undoubtedly a special moment.

Considering the fact that the video was posted in April of 2020, it’s likely that she shot the intro in her own home with a casual setup. In fact, the backdrop suggests this, too, with a simple blank wall behind her. 

The American Film Institute is a nonprofit organisation that is, as they say, “dedicated to celebrating excellence in the art form and to creating national education initiatives that inspire artists and audiences alike”. The organisation hosts film festivals, hands out awards, and offers memberships for those who wish to join.

The American Film Institute also hosts workshops for those interested in getting more involved with the art form of filmmaking. Just like introducing one of her favourite films must have been fun for Portman, the same might be said of the organisation having someone like her on board to share in their mission.

Watch Natalie Portman discuss Dirty Dancing, below.