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(Credit: Nasty Cherry)


Nasty Cherry releases new single 'Her Body'


The history of manufactured pop groups, assembled together through the power of a single Svengali-like figure, is long and storied. Ever since the Monkees, industry professionals have been placing a small number of good-looking people with varying personalities and even more varying artistic talent together to make a quick buck. However, it’s not just Simon Cowell chopping the burnt ends off of mid-level X Factor contestants. Even the torch-bearers for anti-corporate imagery, The Sex Pistols, were pieced together by Malcolm McLaren in an attempt to make his own British version of the New York Dolls.

That said, it’s rare that an artist themselves is the harbinger for a new group’s rise to stardom. Which brings us to Charli XCX and Nasty Cherry.

If the idea of a pre-packaged pop band sounds inherently suspicious to you, rest easy: Nasty Cherry is way cooler than Blue or 5ive (now down to 3hree) could ever hope to be.

Anyone who has seen the groups origin story in the Netflix series I’m With the Band: Nasty Cherry has seen that the band is less of a cash grab and more of an earnest attempt to get a female-focused band into the mainstream. Like any group, they have had their share of growing pains with awkward fits and starts, but the group continues to put out sleek jams, the most recent of which is ‘Her Body’.

Written by the band, producer Yves Rothman, and Charli XCX, ‘Her Body’ is an R&B-indebted pop banger that just happens to double as a great revenge tale: “If I find her body/Lyin’ next to yours/Won’t be me that’s hurtin’/’Cause you’re headfirst in the dirt.”

The girls in Nasty Cherry are planning to put out a new EP entitled The Movie on April 2nd. Check out the tracklisting, as well as the music video for ‘Her Body’, down below.

The Movie Tracklisting:

  1. ‘Six Six Six’
  2. ‘What’s The Deal’
  3. ‘Her Body’
  4. ‘All In My Head’
  5. ‘Lucky’