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(Credit: Nandhi Bushell)


Watch Nandi Bushell enter into a drum battle with Queen’s Roger Taylor


Viral drumming star, Nandi Bushell, isn’t content with making a fool out of the likes of rhythm legends Dave Grohl and Ringo Starr. No, Bushell is extending her quest to take on even bigger and more influential percussionists, and the most recent drummer caught in the sights of the sticked assassin is Queen’s Roger Taylor.

In a new video posted to her YouTube channel, Bushell sits side by side with Taylor as the two battle it out for ultimate supremacy. Right off the bat, Bushell is utterly dwarfed by the size of the kit she’s sitting at — but that doesn’t stop her from busting out a series of triplets that are right out of John Bonham’s arsenal. She’s even got some stick-twirling theatrics at her disposal, something that the members of Queen would surely appreciate.

For his part, Taylor gamely throws a few beats and fills in there, but he knows better than to try and show up an 11-year-old. Honestly, though, Bushell might have the advantage: she’s damn good, not just for a kid, but for any drummer. Taylor is over 70 years old, and while he’s still pounding the skins with Queen like the legend that he is, chances are he can’t replicate the speed or precision that Bushnell is throwing at him. When he says he gives up, I believe him.

What Taylor did after this interaction is anyone’s guess. Go back to his dressing room and quietly sob? Possibly. Immediately hand in his resignation to Brian May? There’s a chance. Begin plotting his revenge on the adolescent wunderkind? Almost definitely. 

Let this be a warning to all major drummers who might be sitting a little too comfortably in their soundproof mansions: Nandi is coming for you, and you likely don’t stand a chance. 

Check out the drum duel down below.