Naked (On Drugs) - Lee Ann's Skin


Naked (On Drugs), what a perfect way to start the weekend. But for those of you expect some Eccie infused synths and bouncing rhythm, I’m afraid you will be sadly disappointed. However, for those of you open to the macabre sound of The Bad Seeds, Echo and The Bunnymen et al, well, Far Out may have found the perfect band for you.

Naked (On Drugs) are a two piece with their roots firmly placed in mundane towns of Lyon and Milton Keynes but they have since found that music mecca of Manchester and made their melodious home. Far from the lad-rock indie or rave culture that is held so dear in those parts Naked (On Drugs) are bringing not only the tormented sound of Eastern European Folk but the chilling and intravenous riffs that are setting them apart from the current scene. Their track Lee Ann’s Skin is our track Of The Day.

Opening like a B-Movie horror, the song progresses into a deep and dingy look into the Manchester streets, full of hunger, anger and resignation. The violin played with such classic duplicity; both beautiful and heartbreaking lends itself to the folk tinged sound that darts from the mundane to the treacherously sublime with effortless romanticism.

The seedy sound continues to rise and fall accompanied by eerie sound effects and the minimalist drunken guitar which squeezes coldly and resolutely. While Luke Byron Scott’s guitar does the alluring and alerting magic Sebastien Perrin’s vocals do the deed with a charming sleaze filled performance reminiscent of Jim Morrison on morphine. The song really is a darkened declaration constructed in a darkened bedsit, one would imagine. It smacks of the grime and gruesome that so many hold so dear and follows through to delight the ear with murderous wonder.

Naked (On Drugs) with Lee Ann’s Skin are carving themselves out a niche in this crowded market of pop and pretty boy psyche. My only worry is, what they are carving it out of.