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(Credit: Nadine Shah)


Nadine Shah shares new single 'Club Cougar'


Nadine Shah’s latest album, Kitchen Sink, is on the way to our ears very soon. However, before it arrives on June 26th, the singer-songwriter has shared the latest single ‘Club Cougar’. It’s our Track of the Day.

Listening to the new material gives yet another reason to be excited about what is likely to be seen as a seminal album in Shah’s evermore impressive career.

Previous releases ‘Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)’, ‘Kitchen Sink’, ‘Trad’ and ‘Buckfast’, have all shown Shah’s voice both sonically and figuratively is stronger than ever. Now, ‘Club Cougar’ has added a little more weight to that notion.

The album has seen Shah address some of the problems she’s faced throughout her life and highlight the everyday infringements of civil rights she and many others encounter. ‘Club Cougar’ follows suit, “There’s many names for a woman who dates a younger man,” she explains.

Adding: “Can you think of any examples of names given to men that date younger women? (Without listing off reams of Hollywood actors!). Much of this album is about contradiction. This song is especially.”

You can listen below Nadine Shah’s latest single ‘Club Cougar’ from her new album Kitchen Sink, arriving on June 26.