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Credit: Pat Loika

Listen to My Chemical Romance's 'Helena' reimagined as an '80s power ballad

We recently brought you the quite wonderful Alex Lahey’s cover of My Chemical Romance’s iconic song ‘Black Parade’. Now we have another cover of an MCR hit, but this one’s a little different. So sit back and listen to My Chemical Romance’s ‘Helena’ reimagined as an ’80s power ballad.

The song was released by the band as a single way back in 2005, with it finding a spot on their second album Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and in the hearts and minds of their many fans.

One beautiful YouTuber has taken the song and given it a plastic fantastic facelift and turned the quasi-operatic emo track into pure ’80s bliss. The video was uploaded earlier this week and has already screamed past 100,000 views.

The cover version opens with naturally dazzling keys and contains “sexy sax solos” to back Way’s original vocal. “Gerard Way and the boys have been heartbroken since 1984,” creator Johan Olsson captioned the song.

Take a listen to this ’80s version of My Chemical Romance and let it either ruin your childhood or make your day. The choice is yours.