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Credit: Lena Yu

Could My Chemical Romance latest video be teasing new music?

My Chemical Romance have been making the most out of their social media accounts of late. It now seems like they’re using them once again but this time, could they be hinting at new music?

Having used them to announce their comeback late last year, the emo Kings have been using videos and teasers across 2020 to signal big announcements. With a new video dropping on their Instagram, fans are now hoping that new music is on the way.

Splitting in 2013, the band announced their return late last year and have since booked in a host of huge shows across the globe, with some special dates at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes.

While a comeback show is all well and good, now fans are hoping for a new record to go along with it. Many of those fans are suggesting the new video, titled ‘MCRXX’, is a precursor to a new album announcement.

With hindsight we know now that a new video from MCR means that another big announcement is on the way, so keep your eyes peeled.