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Mutual Benefit - Golden Wake


The cold wind and battering rain mght be putting you in a mid-winter mid-week slump, but never fear Far Out are here to gently melt your heart and ears with the beautiful and wrenching Mutual Benefit and their gorgeous track Golden Wake which is our Track Of The Day.

Jordan Lee, the main man behind Mutual Benefit is a nomadic sort, travelling around the United States, from Austin to Boston and settling now in Brooklyn where he found himself involved with the affluent Kasette Klub Label. His tendency for moving is seen in this track with it’s eclectic range and a yearning for loving comfort.

Lee’s mix of hi and Lo-fi instrumentals provides a beautiful and woozy indie-pop, a kinder Grizzly Bear with a deeper poetical style that is completely intoxicating. Lee’s vocals add to this; they are at once withdrawn and compelling, a failing light in the dark of modern society, off balance, slightly off-key but charming nevertheless.

The multi-faceted artist takes the marred and mirky culture we live in as one of his highest inspirations channelling self-doubt into a wrenchingly vulnerable sound that is so soothing I have trouble keeping my eyes open when listening to his LP Love’s Crushing Diamond. This is seen most fervently in Golden Wake which is as gentle and comforting as the Charmin Bear.

Drowned in synths and textural undertones this track screams of the most pleasurable indie-pop we have heard in years, it’s intellectual, musically apt and as honest a track you are likely to hear all year. We hope it gets you through this wicked and windy night.

Jack Whatley