MT - Dear One


We are known here at Far Out for indulging in the heavier side of alt-rock, we love to be in the middle of the of it all bathed in sweat and holding our necks in place as we gormlessly accept our crowd trodden fate. But sometimes, just sometimes, we like to rot our teeth with a little bit of pop. Wednesdays midweek plateau are perfect for this sugar rush and it comes in the form of London band MT and their newest release Dear One, our Track of the Day.

Dear One is a pop-tastic, guitar driven dance floor essential; mixing the synth sounds of Patrick Wolf with the post-modern scrawlings of a drunk Jonathan Richman, a winning combination in most people’s eyes. Eyes, that more than likely would be sparkled with glitter and ecstasy as the euphoric fun that streams throughout the song make this track impossible to sit-out at the club.

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This is the first release from the forthcoming EP What We Are which will be released in July and only goes to further mark out their festival/arena credentials, with summery beats and anthemic choruses MT are ready for the big time after just one song. Accompanied by the tongue in cheek video and their artistic creativity MT could be the hipster band that stick their fingers up to the hipsters that are too concerned with the scene and not focusing on the fun that’s there to be had.

Back on the road again this April, MT are heading up a ten-date UK tour, taking in Live at Leeds and Liverpool Sound City on the way, before heading out with Panic At The Disco for some huge shows including at the Hammersmith Apollo. With songs like these and shows like Secret Garden Party in the calendar, it’s looking like the Summer of MT.


Jack Whatley