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MT - Alpha Romeo

We all need a little pop filled pick me up in the middle of the week don’t we? Well get ready for the prozac draped wit of MT and their new release, our Track Of The Day, Alpha Romeo. Far from the details of the love between a man and his motor the London band take us hand in hand with marble eyes and coat hanger smiles to the top of the indie pop world.

“Romeo used to be my call sign but now I’m tired of life”

Sounding like Adam Green on ecstasy playing Bop It! with a DMT induced Darwin Deez, full of pop riffs and ironic lyrics, MT are showing they have the pop prowess to rival anyone in the business. Michael Tomlinson is as wry as ever, detailing his boredom with the dating world and the egotistical drive to ‘one up’ each other in pursuit of sex and he does it all with a big fat grin on his hair covered face.

Bass lines lift and tantalise as strings as bouncy as Iggle (fucking) Piggle take us in to an altogether sumptuous chorus backed with delicate then jumping piano which delights the ers and feet alike. The lyrics bring a darker tone when analysed and there are reflections of Jonathan Richman and his Woody Allen-esque smiling defeatism and because of this Alpha Romeo is not chinzy, it’s not tooth rotting-ly sweet, it’s refreshing and above all; it’s impossible not to dance to.

The band consisting of a clan of mystery clad pop-mongers manage to bring a light and enjoyability to an otherwise gloomy and psyche based scene. Their party inducing sound isn’t contrived or conceited and as such has found it’s way into the darkest hearts and haunts of London. They are bringing back positivity and with the cool tune, toe tapping rhythm and clever lines of Alpha Romeo. We say Yes! To MT.


Jack Whatley