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(Credit: Amy Peskett)


Mrley shares new single 'So Much To Say'

Mrley - 'So Much To Say'

After his debut single last month, Mrley has returned with the furious new effort, ‘So Much To Say’.

Previously a rapper, just a month before lockdown, Mrley picked up a guitar for the first time since his teens and decided to make a seismic musical switch. We’ve all changed dramatically over the last 18 months, but going from a grime MC to one of the most exhilarating new voices in punk is a tough one to beat.

The musical project is the pseudonym of 23-year-old Marley Rutherford from Lewisham, who debuted the alias with ‘My Side Of London’, which was formerly Far Out’s ‘Track of the Day’.

‘So Much To Say’ is punk in an attitude sense, but Mrley doesn’t like The Sex Pistols, most importantly, nor would he ever want to. He’s a modern punk star meshing his disparate interests and London surroundings together to create a visceral portrait of contemporary Britain.

“It’s special to me as it contributes to the progression of music,” he says about ‘So Much To Say’. “I managed to take a trap 808 completely out of context by using it in punk. It pays tribute to today’s rap music whilst even hinting at the ’80s rock sound but somehow it remains punk.”

Mrley is a refreshing new voice in alternative culture when it feels like larger than life characters are a dying breed. His five-track debut EP, Love You London, arrives on October 15th.