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(Credit: Amy Peskett)


Mrley shares debut single 'My Side Of London'

Mrley - 'My Side Of London'

Mrley has landed with his explosive debut single, ‘My Side Of London’, which is the livener you need to get you through hump day.

The musical project is the pseudonym of 23-year-old Marley Rutherford from Lewisham, and his first effort is brimming with raw punk energy, which is here to shake up the system. ‘My Side Of London‘ is an enthralling introduction to Mrley, and the corrosive anger he displays on the raging track makes it anything but forgettable.

Previously a rapper, just a month before lockdown, Mrley picked up a guitar for the first time since his teens, and his new alter-ego is where these two juxtaposing sides combine.

The enraged track sees Mrley takes aim at the people that head down to a tower block to take a photo for Instagram before heading home to their quaint surroundings. It’s full of fire, grit, and the singer has a commanding presence.

“The internet and social media means people are no longer glancing at life through the lens their environment provides,” he commented about the song. “It’s now fashionable to be ‘struggling’, you have kids raised in Kensington running around pretending to be kids from Kennington.”

He continued: “It’s progress that people of all backgrounds are being brought together through the love of art but I think it’s important to let the people whose profits are thriving from street culture know that ‘I’m not your something, your something to play with’.”

Mrley is a name that you need to get acquainted with, and someone you will hear a lot from in the coming years. ‘My Side Of London’ is a riveting debut single that additionally makes you invested in the frenetic Mrley, who is on a one-man mission to bring back punk.