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(Credit: Alejandro Páez)


Motorhead frontman Lemmy's ashes have been put inside bullets and gifted to his friend


Lemmy just looked like a rockstar, in the same way that some people look like geography teachers or car salesmen, there’s simply no other job that he would’ve looked at home in. Now his rockstar ways live on beyond the grave. 

The legendary Motorhead frontman and bassist died in December 2015 at 70-years-old from a combination of prostate cancer and heart failure. It has since been revealed that his ashes were placed in bullets and distributed to his nearest and dearest. 

This revelation comes curtesy of former MTV Headbangers Ball show host, Riki Ratchman. 

The television personality took to Instagram to share a picture of his engraved bullet along with the caption, “Before his death, Lemmy asked for his ashes to be put in some bullets & handed out to his closest friends. Today, I received a bullet & was literally brought to tears.”

Another recipient of a commemorative bullet was Ugly Kid Joe, frontman Whitfield Crane. Crane is friends with legendary tennis star Pat Cash, who took to Instagram to share his friends’ gift, stating: “Lemmy from Motörhead asked that his ashes be put in some bullet and given out to his closest friends, last night one was presented to my mate Whitefield Crane whilst we were having dinner at ‘Lemmys bar’ in The Rainbow.”

It certainly adds a new meaning to the old gangster movie trope of “make sure they get a bullet,” and it proves that Lemmy remained a rockstar right up to the bitter end.