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Moses Sumney - Plastic


Floating into our minds as delicately and directly as a fond memory of a lost loved one comes a song so full of integrity and soul it’s simply humbling, no matter what side of the musical fence you may reside… That voice belongs to Californian Moses Sumney and the achingly limpid tune in question ‘Plastic’ is Friday’s Track of the Day at Far Out Magazine.

Taken from Sumney’s recent 2014 album release ‘Mid City Island’ Plastic is one of five  soporific and stylistically eclectic tracks initially born as bedroom recordings, that the singer says is inspired by the feelings of solitude and sentiment living alone in a big city can spring:

“This project for me is about learning how to let go and share ideas that are raw, simple, and unfiltered. A lot of the parts are thus one-take and improvised. ‘Mumblin’ which I recorded with my loop pedal connected to the tape machine, is completely made up on the spot and was only done once.

There’s a requisite honesty that comes with bedroom recordings. Thematically, the songs centre around living alone in the middle of a big city like Los Angeles, finding the balance between isolation and over stimulation.”

Life’s about balance, as they say; for every up there is a down as musically, for every Iggy Pop you’ll find a Nick Drake. What I’m trying to get at is as much as there’s a part of me (and a large part I must admit) that fiends after the high velocity, unpredictable and somewhat, at times, ferociously chaotic scenarios and projections of art to fuel the fire of existence, I require just as much the subdued and tranquil side to life to avoid a GG Allin esque demise, reflect and grow.

Moses Sumney’s Plastic drops into the latter part of my being as effortlessly, and welcome, as a Sunday evening Valium in the company of good friends.

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You can visit Moses Sumney’s ‘Mid City Island’ here.