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(Credit: Melissa Godoy)

Morrissey claims British Press "planted" protesters at recent Portland show

Last night Morrissey made another step towards Trumpdom when he suggested the British Press ‘planted’ protesters at his show in Oregon, via his official website. On the 30th of September Morrissey was forced to eject two protesters who turned up at his show armed with signs and slogans to outline his recent right-wing rhetoric.

The footage was shared with the piublic and shows Morrissey adding his own flourish of drama when he demanded the two protesters be ejected before he carried on with a naturally theatrical swirl. “Get out! We don’t need you!” said Morrissey, over and over, and over… and over.

In fairness the were protesting peacefully enough, holding signs reading ‘Bigmouth Indeed’ and hold their nerve until security led them out, surrounded by Morrissey fans intent on booing them like in so many MAGA rallies. Recently Morrissey has had a spate of far-right rhetoric when supporting political party For Britain which has seen him find confrontation from numerous parties including former collaborators and young artists.

Morrissey posted an image earlier today from his San Diego performance at Pechanga Arena on his official website, which claimed the Portland protest was a set up. The image caption read “… no ‘politically offended protestors’ (as paid for and planted in the crowd by the British press) in sight …” and it lands as yet another reminder of Moz’s descent into despotism.

‘Big mouth strikes again’ is a lyric that springs to mind. Not one for a quiet life these days, Mozza.

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