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Morgan Freeman names his favourite film from his career

One of the most celebrated actors in the world, Morgan Freeman is known for his iconic performances in beloved gems like the acclaimed prison drama Shawshank Redemption and David Fincher’s gritty neo-noir thriller Seven among others. Even at this late stage in his career, Freeman is showing no signs of slowing down with several upcoming projects like including Coming 2 America and Vanquish.

Freeman once said: “It’s not like I wake up in the morning and say, ‘I got to be dignified today.’ If the characters seem dignified, it’s because they were written that way. I don’t want to go around talking about how I feel about honesty and all that stuff, but if you can find where the kernel of a character’s soul is, if you can somehow plumb that, then it’s easy to play. I think that sense of dignity has to do with the fact that there’s an inner life that’s readable more than anything else.”

With such a deep understanding about the machinations of character dynamics, it is evident that Freeman is quite adept at maintaining fidelity to the subtextual commentary. It has also led many fans to the inevitable question that often pops up when we consider any famous actor’s complete body of work.

That question was put before Freeman during an interview on the Rich Eisen Show when he was asked to choose his favourite film from his star-studded filmography. “Clint Eastwood, being one of my favourite directors and acting partners, Million Dollar Baby was pretty good,” Freeman commented while bringing up his Oscar-winning role.

However, his favourite Morgan Freeman film is actually the recipient of the Best Picture prize at the Academy Awards. While recalling the film, Freeman explained why he liked his performance so much: “Driving Miss Daisy… [It’s] so far away from me. I see that character when I look at the movie. [In] everything else, I just see me.”

In a 2015 interview, the director of Driving Miss Daisy responded to the claim that it was the worst Best Picture winner of all time: “I read an article saying it was the worst film to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture. And I thought, ‘No, it’s the second worst. The worst is Cavalcade, made in 1932.’ Honestly, I haven’t seen Driving Miss Daisy since it was released. Everything changes over a period.”

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