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(Credit: Modernlove)


Modernlove release new single 'lmk (if you wanna see me)'

Modernlove - 'lmk (if you wanna see me)'

Irish indie rockers Modernlove have released their latest single, the exceptionally electronic ‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’.

The synth-heavy track floats with a carefree buzz that mixes pitch-shifted vocals with low rumbling bass notes. As guitar lines hang in the air and modest inquisitions are relayed, the track risks becoming so light that it risks wafting away completely. At least until the techno beat comes in. Then all bets are off.

‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’ is set to be featured on the band’s upcoming EP monochrome blue. Only the band’s third single, Modernlove are the epitome of the on-the-rise band, forming their sound and identity right before our very eyes and ears.

Right now, it’s an atmospheric take on electronic indie pop, one that feels both modern and out of time. The band also favour intricate guitar lines and varied vocal stylings across their relatively small discography. ‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’ has a warmly robotic performance, but ‘Liquorice’ is a full-throated howl while ‘I know it’s tearing you apart’ alternates between the two. The band also seem to be courting direct categorisation by literally naming a song ‘Bop’. Ingenious marketing move or flirting with disaster? You decide.

For a relatively new band, the foursome are getting some hot buzz and a decent amount of initial momentum. They are currently slotted on some influential Spotify playlists, and a BBC Introducing session has already been released, during which host Gemma Bradley played another song we’ve featured here, The Academics ‘Kids (Don’t End Up Like Me)’.

It’s all good signs from a band of relative newcomers, and what the band decide to solidify from here will be fascinating to see. Do they embrace some of the harder edges of rock and roll by unleashing the full power of their guitar prowess, or do they embrace their techno-pop melodies and become the next 1975? Only they can decide, but it will be exciting to find out.

Check out the video for ‘lmk (if you wanna see me)’ down below.