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Look back at the adrenaline-filled intensity of Misfits performing on Public Access TV in 1982


It’s hard to imagine the rock scene without that notorious skull logo popping up every so often. The Misfits are one of those bands that are so deeply entrenched with the punk rock foundations that it can be easy to forget their incendiary beginnings. We’re looking back at a very special early TV appearance and performance from 1982 which shows them at their phosphorus best.

The TV show silly enough to let Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and drummer Robo loose on the airwaves was a Public Access TV show called ‘Why Be Something You’re Not’. Their lack of sensibility would see the show run for an incredible two whole shows.

The first show would see the charmingly named, and TV-ready, anarcho-punks Crucifucks lay down their sound. The second show would welcome Misfits to the pokey Detroit show and the band., likely affused with their venue, delivered a stark reminder of why they’ve been around for so long.

With all the posturing, the make-up, the gigantic muscles, and the clowning personas it can sometimes feel a bit irreverent to like Misfits. The band has been chopped and changed for so long one’s never quite sure what you might get from the horror-punks. But this performance from the band in 1982, and therefore pre-Earth A.D., is effervescent and powerful, filled with adrenaline and tightly coiled, it shows the band at their best.

More to the point, before the band really get into the meat and bones of their performance, they’re interviewed and instead of the growling caricature we see today, Danzig is erudite and genuinely funny. The band even have a laugh at their new idea, a now-famous membership club where the band joke they will send fans “rubber dicks” and “whores through the mail”, called the Fiend Club. But enough of the giggles, that’s not what the band is here for.

The blast through an empowered juggernaut set which has the small crowd losing their ever-loving minds. The Jersey band deliver a set worthy of bringing a television show to its knees. It would be many’s first introductions to what would be a decades-long career.

Watch below as Misfits perform an adrenaline-filled set on Public Access TV in 1983.

Source: Cvlt Nation