Thee MVPs cover the furious Misfits classic 'Hybrid Moments'


One of our all-time favourite group of misfits Thee MVPs have given us another reason to love them with the first play of a furious cover of The Misfits’ classic track ‘Hybrid Moments’, as well as a perfect way to start an article. (Much obliged). We love it so much we’ve made it our Track of the Day.

Taken from the horror punks 1978 album Static Age, The Misfits track is a reminder of the power and prowess of a furious punk song. The album ois seen as a seminal moment in musical history and would go on to define and influence a mass of youthful minds. Thee MVPs were one such mass.

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The song was recorded live to tape out with the band’s friend Matt Rendon’s garage in Tuscon, Arizona while Thee MVPs were teaching the Americans about rock and roll on their tour of the states. It was a hugely successful tour and saw hyped stints at SXSW with Oh Sees, Amyl and the Sniffers, Surfbort, Black Midi and loads more.

We asked Charlie from the band about the special moment of recording this kind of track live to tape. His no-nonsense answer may be our favourite of the year “[it was] on the 3rd take in a purpose-built analog studio in Matt Rendon’s backyard in Tuscon, Arizona at about 9.30pm after a few drinks in a sports bar that had batting cages and $2 hot dogs.” That’s all you need to know.

As glib as that may sound, that kind of is all you need to know. Thee MVPs are not a band to provide you with frilly metaphors, or poetry that’s only to be heard in French. They’re a band who love music and are fucking good at playing it. So listen to them doing that

Thee MVPs are releasing an album next year, this song isn’t from that but Charlie says “it is still very, very good”.

Go see them at their upcoming release party on May 30th – all details are here