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(Credit: Dischord Records)


Brian Baker says there will never be a Minor Threat reunion


The iconic punk outfit Minor Threat will never get back together according to former bassist Brian Baker, even suggesting fans would be disappointed if they did.

Minor Threat sparked rumours of a reunion in 2018 when they recreated the iconic image from the front of their 1985 Salad Days EP which can be seen above. The album came out on the band’s pioneering punk label Dischord Records.

Baker was speaking to Goetia Media, largely in discussion about his new solo project Fake Names, when he spoke about the possibility of a reunion of the notorious punk band.

“We will never play shows again,” Baker said. “It was a product of its time. It’s so much better to leave it alone than ruin it by being a bunch of old guys playing songs that we wrote when we were teenagers.”

He added: “I don’t wanna go backwards; I like to continue creating and, to me, just doing a re-enactment of Minor Threat would not be satisfying and, I think, would be more harmful than helpful. Everyone likes the idea of seeing Minor Threat play, but I think if they actually saw it, they wouldn’t like it anymore.”

While the last point is likely up for contention from devoted Minor Threat fans there may be some truth to his vision of any potential reunion.

Listen to the interview below.