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(Credit: YouTube)


Watch Miley Cyrus cover of Blondie song 'Heart of Glass'

Miley Cyrus has produced a rock-heavy tribute to Debbie Harry and Blondie with a live rendition of the iconic 1970s hit ‘Heart of Glass’.

Cyrus, who has been drip-feeding new material during the current pandemic lockdown, has also performed a number of live performances for a series of mainstream television shows as she takes her sound into yet another new direction. Her latest effort arrived in a collaboration with iHeartRadio who went virtual for the 10th anniversary of its music festival.

Cyrus, performing a four-track set, rolled through renditions of ‘Midnight Sky’, ‘Who Owns My Heart’, also included her collaboration Mark Ronson on ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’. Despite the impressive showing, it was the singer’s nostalgic reworking of a pop disco classic which caught most people’s attention.

“The original arrangement of ‘Heart of Glass’—as on the [1975] Betrock demos—had doubles on the high-hat cymbals, a more straight-ahead disco beat,” Blondie member Chris Stein once said of the track. “When we recorded it for Parallel Lines we were really into Kraftwerk, and we wanted to make it more electronic. We weren’t thinking disco as we were doing it; we thought it was more electro-European,” he added of its inspiration.

However, Miley Cyrus moved away from the disco side of things and, more prominently, away from her usual pop style and produced a cover which delivered a heavy rock rendition with a strong vocal delivery.

Stream the track, below,