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(Credit: Tom Palumbo)

Stream Miles Davis’ previously unreleased 1980s album 'Rubberband'

Miles Davis album Rubberband, a previously unreleased record that was shelved three decades ago, has finally been released and made available on all major streaming services.

The LP, which was recorded back in 1985 and marked Davis’ first album release with Warner Bros. Records after leaving long-time collaborators Columbia, was recorded with Randy Hall and Zane Giles in a clear attempt to push the boundaries of jazz.

Marketed as Davis’ attempt to pivot away from his usual sound, the album would look to push the now-iconic jazz musician into a stronger focus on soul and funk sounds. Despite its completion, the album was eventually put to one side while Davis worked on 1986 record Tutu instead. Rubberband was left to collect dust and be forgotten, until now.

Davis’ nephew Vince Wilburn Jr, who played drums on the original sessions spoke to Rolling Stone: “What people may not know is Uncle Miles was digging MTV during the Eighties,” he said. “When he saw a group he dug, he turned up the volume, then called the artist’s label to send music over… He dug the sound of the Eighties and he used that vibe for the Rubberband sessions.”

Wilburn is confident that Davis “would have loved” the released of Rubberband” and said that they “tried to keep it in the vein of the Eighties, sprinkling in spices and rhythms, while keeping Miles’ stamp on it. He was all about evolution. I think he would have dug the progression of the music.”

Listen to the album below: