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(Credit: Alamy)


Mick Jagger explains why he visits local hotspots

Let it never be said that Mick Jagger is not a man of the world. From his wordly view to the lyrics that paint a more idiosyncratic perspective of the French countryside that has been his home for decades, Jagger is much more than a typical English lad on holiday. And by virtue of his Instagram-swiftly becoming the lexicon of travel in the computer age, Jagger has opened up an aspect of his life that shows how down to earth he really is.

Indeed, an impromptu visit to a bar in Charlotte made international headlines, and Jagger comes across in the photo as unpretentious and free from the trappings of rock success.

You scarcely find Ringo Starr draped with such casual abandon at a bar, but this isn’t the first time Jagger has dropped into an offbeat locale. Explaining his philosophy to The Washington Post, Jagger highlighted the many wonders that lie beyond our fingertips: “Each town has something of great interest, whether it’s a beautiful park, or a lovely picture, or a museum that’s interesting to you, or some odd thing that you never thought of.”

And why Thirsty Beaver of all places? “Local people tell me that that’s a popular dive bar when I get there. In normal times, I would go into the bar and spend time in there,” Jagger explained. “But, you know, I didn’t want to do that because of covid. So I just went outside”.

Don’t expect Keith Richards to wander so aimlessly, however: ““““(He) has a different approach to how he handles being on tour. I mean, he does occasionally go out to eat. But I think the covid thing… people quite rightly got worried about what would happen if they ran into a crowd of people.”