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Credit: Raph_PH


Mick Jagger was not a fan of The Rolling Stones' rediscovered tracks

The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger has revealed he wasn’t keen on the recently rediscovered songs from the band’s archives. He even went as far as to say he thought they were “terrible”.

As the new reissue of The Rolling Stones’ Goats Head Soup gets readied for release, Jagger has revealed that he was more than sceptical of the previously unreleased songs ‘Criss Cross,’ ‘All the Rage’ and the recently shared ‘Scarlet’, which not only featured a Paul Mescal video ut a Jimmy Page guitar part.

The new edition of the record arrives on Friday and will come accompanied with the songs as bonus tracks but, if Jagger had anything to do with it, they wouldn’t have been up for consideration.

Universal Music Group were trawling through the archives when they came across the songs originally written and recorded during the Goats Head Soup sessions and found the perfect addition to their new release—but Jagger’s initial reaction to the discovery was less than excited.

“They said, ‘We’ve found these three tracks’,” the frontman told The Sunday Times. “I said, ‘They’re all terrible.’ That’s always my initial reaction, ‘They’re all useless!’ I mean, actually, I always liked the songs, but they weren’t finished”.

Once it became clear that the band could polish up the songs the idea became a lot more appealing and the proverbial nostalgic treasure was too tempting to ignore: “Sonically they still sound like they were recorded then, even if they weren’t perfect,” Jagger said.

“You can make them sound a little better than they did. But I think these three songs are all up there with the rest of the songs on this record”.