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Look back at 15-year-old Mick Jagger making his TV debut in 1959

It’s funny to know that your favourite rock stars were still just normal people before the call of the spotlight became too much to bear. Today we look back at The Rolling Stones’ frontman Mick Jagger’s television debut.

Some of the more famous rock stars found their way on to television way before they became famed for their swashbuckling music. Some are embarrassing some are impressive, Jagger’s lands somewhere in between.

Pop stars have always seemed to find a way on to the big screen. Whether it was David Bowie fighting for the justice of boys with long hair, or Jimmy Page making his TV debut with the guitar at just 13, the biggest stars are often picked up before they reach the heights of musical stardom.

Here, we see a 15-year-old Mick Jagger, at this stage still known as Mike Jagger, making one of his regular appearances on his father Joe Jagger’s (a P.E. teacher by trade) weekly consultation on the ’50s TV show Seeing Sport. It would see Mick and his brother Chris make regular appearances on the show and perhaps grab his first taste of fame.

One such appearance, the one you can see below from 1959, sees Mick make his TV debut while showing off some of his mountain climbing shoes. Nothing too fancy here though, no ultra-lightweight modern shoes are needed to climb the ‘High Rocks’ near Tunbridge Wells, no, just “ordinary gym shoes … like the kind Mike is wearing.” It’s a curious reminder of the singer’s early moments.

It’s a tender reminder of Jagger’s early beginnings, still a middle-class kid with a shyness and a youthful vulnerability that belies the future which would unfold for him as a member of The Rolling Stones.

Watch below as Mick Jagger makes his TV debut on Seeing Sport showing off his mountain-climbing shoes.

Source: Open Culture