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When Mick Jagger reportedly offered £100,000 for an ice cream van


Mick Jagger has more money than sense, and as we all would in his position, he’s made some wild purchases. Admittedly, £100,000 is pocket-change to Jagger, but spending it on an ice-cream van would have been preposterous, even by his standards.

The Rolling Stones frontman usually gets whatever he wants in life, but as he once accurately sang, ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’. Jagger discovered this life lesson the hard way when he tried and failed to buy an ice-cream van for £100,000 while walking in London with his son back in 2009.

It was owned by Giuseppe Della Camera, who had purchased the van back in the 1990s and poured his savings into rejuvenating the vehicle. He spent £35,000 to get the van back looking pristine after being used to house chickens on a farm.

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According to the Sutton & Croydon Guardian, Jagger was out strolling across Wandsworth Common when he stumbled upon the vintage 1954 Morris J-Type van, and the singer was immediately enamoured with the vehicle.

Camera, who lived in Streatham, was taken aback by Jagger’s interest, and although he was flattered, the offer was one he couldn’t entertain. He told The Sun: “I was working on Wandsworth Common when Sir Mick came up with his son and bought a couple of ice creams.

“He told me he’d really fallen in love with my van and asked me if I would consider selling it. I was stunned when he offered me £100,000.” Camera had his own ideas about why Jagger wanted to buy the vehicle and added: “Sir Mick has got seven children, and I think he probably wanted my van to entertain his grandchildren.”

However, Camera had already promised his young daughter, Alessia, that he’d one day drive her in it to her wedding. While the money would have been life-changing, he wasn’t prepared to break a promise to his daughter, which was worth more than Jagger’s financial offer.

However, Jagger denied Camera’s claims. He said: “I know it’s tough out there, and the economy is in meltdown, but I can assure everyone that I am not about to turn into Mr Whippy – I think someone has a vivid imagination.”

He’s made some other ridiculous purchases during his time, but perhaps none more so than on a night when he was allegedly tripping on LSD, Jagger woke up to discover he was now the owner of a Hampshire country estate. He purchased the property for £55,000 from Sir Henry Carden in 1970, and it proved to be a bargain. Jagger renovated the run-down property and turned it into a state of the art recording studio where The Stones partly recorded Exile on Main StreetSticky Fingers, and It’s Only Rock n Roll.

If you want to see the ice cream van for yourself and find out the truth from Camera, take a trip down to Wandsworth Common.