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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards act like an old married couple in rare interview footage from 1973

The Glimmer Twins, more commonly known as the singer and guitarist in The Rolling Stones, AKA Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, have had a working relationship that has lasted longer than most marriages—certainly longer than any they’ve experienced at least. It’s led to many people often fit them with the old moniker of acting like ‘an old married couple’.

Usually, this is something you could shrug off and pretend as nothing more than a silly joke, but this rare interview footage from 1973 puts the two pop culture stars sitting next to one another, making jokes and secret smiles at one another while one tries to explain why the other is upset or angry. It’s a classic scene and one which we just had to show you.

There aren’t many examples of rare Rolling Stones footage these days. The band have been so extensively covered that it’s safe to assume almost every piece of film has been seen countless times—but that didn’t stop us having a pang of excitement when we found this gem.

There’s little information from the YouTube user as to where exactly this clip was lifted from, but what we can determine is that despite the in-fighting, debauchery and decadent attitudes The Rolling Stones were famed for in their heyday, they sure did have fun. With Richards sitting next to Jagger and the singer aside Mick Taylor, The Rolling Stones were ready and willing to answer questions.

First up is a simple yet indicative one as our interviewer asks if there are any differences between European and American audiences. It was a question which was answered rather bluntly with a “yes” and a gleaming smile from Jagger as Richards pointed out the obvious “they speak English”. The singer then breaks into a laugh but does go back to answer the question sensibly, highlighting the differences in culture between countries which are 20 miles apart, while America’s audience is all relatively similar.

The joking continues as the two jesters of the piece continue to find each other incredibly funny. The interviewer then asks what it’s like to face the audience, a crowd that Jagger suggests could be described as “seedy” while smirking to his partner Richards. The interviewer corrects him and says it is “frightening”, without missing a beat Richards remarks: “Frightening? You should see you from here!”

The pair also discuss the maturation of their audience and how the “screaming period” died down, something we’re sure they wouldn’t have to worry about again. But all in all, the video provides a crystalline image of the interworking of one of the biggest bands on the planet.

In 1973 there wasn’t anybody bigger than the Stones but to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards it still all felt like they were just knocking around in Dartford and playing the local pub.

Watch the footage below.

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