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(Credit: Alamy/Wikimedia)


Did Mick Jagger have an affair with Princess Margaret?


If the popularity of The Crown has taught us anything, it’s that we love a royal scandal. There’s something so tempting about the idea that, behind all those formalities, titles and fancy hats, the royals are just like us. Well, maybe not ‘just’ like us. I doubt there are many of us who, like Princess Margaret, allegedly had a relationship with Mick Jagger. I mean, I know he got around, but the man’s hardly Genghis Khan.

According to Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman was first introduced to Queen Elizabeth II’s rebellious older sister at the 16th birthday party of Lady Victoria, the daughter of Sir David Ormsby, former British Ambassador to the United States. The book’s author, Christopher Andersen, was a close friend of Jagger’s and claims that the rock ‘n’ roller always felt the pull of the English aristocracy. Although, by the time he met Princess Margaret, he hardly had a reputation for civility. Jagger was already emblematic of youthful defiance. In other words, he was exactly Princess Margaret’s type.

Jagger was also fairly taken with Margaret, so much so that he completely ignored his then-girlfriend Chrissie Shrimpton. According to Anderson, the pair hit it off immediately and began inviting one another to social gatherings and calling one another nearly every day. “She found him sexy and exciting,” a source close to Margaret told Andersen. “If you saw them laughing together, dancing, the way she’d put her hand on his knee and giggle at his stories like a schoolgirl, you’d have thought there was something going on.”

None of this was particularly pleasing to Queen Elizabeth, who regarded Jagger as an unsuitable match for her sister. She’s even rumoured to have said that she “could tolerate the Beatles because they were clean-cut and sort of sweet.” The Stones, on the other hand, were coarse, brutish and seemingly possessed of insatiable sexual appetites. Andersen claims that the Queen insisted Margaret stay away from Jagger, believing that he would only tempt her to commit more infidelity.

If the rumours are to be believed, she wasn’t easy to convince. According to one story, Margaret ‘overdosed’ on cannabis-laden brownies during a party organised by Jagger, leading to her having to get her stomach pumped. Blimey, no wonder Queenie waited so long to give Jagger a knighthood.

While the idea that Margaret and Mick were lovers remains the subject of speculation, it’s clear that the pair were close friends. Indeed, they remained so for more than 20 years. They shared vacations at the singer’s private home in Mustique and joined each other at various social events. Were they drawn to one another? Sure. Were they lovers? Don’t be so crass.