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Michelle Zauner's 'Crying in H Mart' to be adapted into film

2021, as it turns out, is Michelle Zauner’s year and we’re all just enjoying it with her. The Japanese Breakfast mastermind apparently wasn’t content with the critical acclaim of her third album Jubilee, so she released the hilarious and heartbreaking memoir Crying in H Mart. Now, that book is being adapted into a feature film.

The memoir chronicles Zauner’s personal identity and how her mother’s cancer diagnosis shaped her marriage, her own outlook on life, and eventually the music she would make as Japanese Breakfast.

“It is a surreal thrill to have the opportunity to memorialize my mother in film, and I consider it of the highest honour to pursue that task alongside creative luminaries such as Stacey Sher, Jason Kim and Orion Pictures,” Zauner said about the film’s upcoming production.

Zauner’s mother has had a major impact on her artistry. She’s a ghostly figure that hangs over Zauner’s debut as Japanese Breakfast, the wonderfully lo-fi Psychopomp. The guilt, angst, love, and loss that came with her mother’s cancer diagnosis has fueled an artistic drive that is closing in on nearly a decade of amazing material. Zauner has discussed how Jubilee has felt like a liberation from the darkness of her mother’s death, but how the joy and triumphant atmosphere of that album still acts a tribute to her, even all these years later.

Crying in H Mart is now a New York Times bestseller, which is just another notch on Zauner’s increasingly notch-heavy belt. Those cowards at Orion better cast Zauner as herself. Could you imagine if, in the span of about two years, Zauner went from a relatively underground indie artist to a major pop star, New York Times bestselling author, and award-winning actress? Zauner is currently only slated to compose the film’s soundtrack.

The Crying in H Mart movie, understandably, does not yet have a release date. In the meantime, why not listen to Jubilee again, right?