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Michael Eavis will give 500 free Glastonbury Festival tickets to trainee nurses

Good old Michael Eavis. Despite the mega-stardom he could have looked for in life, following the establishment of one of the greatest music festivals in the world, he always chose the farmer’s life. Now though he is using his position to give a little more back to the NHS and has announced he will give 500 free tickets away to local trainee NHS nurses.

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This came after Eavis was at speaking Shepton Mallet’s hospital fete earlier in the summer, July 21st, after the chairman of the local trust reportedly told him that there was “a real problem with the lack of nurses being trained now.”

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So, being the guy he is, Eavis then pledged to offer up to 500 free tickets for the festival in 2019 to local NHS trainee nurses by way of reward for their hard work. The festival in 2017 cost £238 so this is no small gesture!

This is not the first time Eavis showed his commitment to the left-wing of the country. Here he is introducing Jeremy Corbyn at 2017’s festival.