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Metallica to release an in-depth series of live performances

Metallica is set to release a collection of remixed and re-edited live performances and documentary films of their 40th-anniversary shows. The series began on March 24th by virtue of the release of Cunning Stunts and Orgullo, Pasión, y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México.The shows were notable for putting as much focus on the band’s deep cuts, as well as the more celebrated singles.

The band performed ‘The End Of The Line’ from 2008’s Death Magnetic for the first time since 2010, and 2003 epic ‘Dirty Window’ received an airing for one of the first times in recent years. The 1992 documentary, A Year and a Half In The Life of Metallica will also receive its streaming debut. The 1992 series focuses on the band at the height of their commercial success and holds a more contemporary flavour to the more reflective view of the 40th-anniversary shows. The clips show the band in the middle of a performance, bolstered by Lars Ulrich‘s propulsive drum patterns.

“When we first started playing in L.A. back in the early ’80s, we did nothing but obscure covers,” Ulrich recalled. “We didn’t play Van Halen and Journey and Kiss songs, we played a bunch of cool, underground, British metal songs.” The drummer feels that it harnessed their catalogue and stagecraft. “Out of that setlist came our own sound. We didn’t have the patience to curate our vibe, we just wanted to get out there and play.”

In other Metallica related news, the drummer has admitted that the band are in the middle of putting together some ideas for an entirely new album. Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett said he hopes it will cut through the divisions of the world and will unite fans under one banner; metal. The band are first and foremost a metal outfit, although they have veered into country rock, pop, jazz and lounge music.

Metallica was one of the metal acts later known as ‘The Big Four’, which includes Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Dave Mustaine founded Megadeth after he was asked to leave Metallica. Hammett replaced him and has stayed in the role ever since.