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Merchandise - Little Killer


The foggy eyed Floridians Merchandise have released the first new track from their forthcoming album After The End a track with Smiths drops and Cure licks, it’s a piece of indie perfection, it’s called ‘Little Killer’ and it’s our Track of the Day.

The most conventional song they have released to date Merchandise are taking a slightly more affable approach to this new record and it shows. The song after the initial disturbing distortion, which floods the introduction of the song we quickly saunter into jangly guitars and a deep vocal reminiscent of Morrissey at his skinny best with a hint of Springsteen’s growls.

Ever the innovators Merchandise have moved from the melancholy industrial melodies which brought them to our attention in to a more pop driven sound, which far from popularising the band actually put them further into their own niche. There are so many dream-pop, shoegaze or whatever ethereal laden cliche of a genre around at the moment, Merchandise however are proving that songwriting and songcraft still firmly exists.

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As  vocals leap and growl, moan and groan and generally encapsulate the song it is the relentless riff that really put’s the song in to the 80’s indie category. It flits between The Cure and Johnny Marr with effortless ease without sounding like a crap copycat rendition. In fact it is an obvious progression when you think about it.

Since forming in 2008 after having played in countless Hardcore and Punk bands Merchandise came together to create an atmospheric post-punk sound which if British musical history is right, would allow the natural ‘next step’ to be the mournfully lyrical, upbeat guitar sound of the mid-80’s – I am really looking forward to their Madchester phase. Seriously though, this is a band not only willing to venture and explore out of their comfort zone but are happier when doing so, they are unwilling to be categorized and seem intent on taking on any cynical critic who tries to pigeonhole them.

Merchandise with ‘Little Killer’ have a track that not only acclimatises them more easily with a generation whose insatiable need for angst is matched perfectly by their desire to dance, but also further establishes them as not only one of the best group of musicians around but as one of the most highly anticipated bands of the summer – we can’t wait for the album.




Jack Whatley