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(Credit: Kasabian)


Mental Health charity slam Kasabian for damaging new track ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’

Kasabian have been heavily criticised by Mental Health charity Time To Change following the release of their new single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’.

To give some context the song, which comes as Serge Pizzorno explains how one of the band members endured a break-up last year, falls in particular bad taste even for a band like Kasabian.

“As so many musicians have recently talked openly about their experiences of mental health problems it is disappointing to see this video,” Sue Baker OBE, director of charity Time To Change told NME. “The use of the word ‘Psycho’ in a song and accompanying music video featuring people pretending to be psychiatric inpatients is unhelpful, damaging and disappointing when society is moving on from this sad and tired stereotype. We are sure the insult and harm was unintentional, or misjudged irony, but we are raising it as we know it will only serve to fuel stigma. ”

She added: “If fans think it is OK to call people with mental health problems who have been psychiatric inpatients ‘psychos’, then we are turning back the tide of progress on public attitudes that are more respectful and less judgmental of people living with mental health problems. We are keen to work with the band and the music industry to help shift outdated stereotypes and stigma.”

In typically confident fashion, guitarist Serge Pizzorno recently claimed the band’s new album would be the ‘savior of guitar music’.

So, arrogant man in band endures break-up with woman. Woman branded a psycho. Man parades his dislike for said woman in the public eye with obscene, embarrassing new video.

But wait though, aforementioned man is still ‘the realest fucking man there is’, according to mans band mate who co-wrote the song.

Nice one.