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(Credit: Kasabian)


Kasabian believe their new album will 'save guitar music'


Never short on confidence, Kasabian fully believe their forthcoming album will become the saviour of guitar music.

Serge Pizzorno, the Leicester band’s lead songwriter, reckons the new record – which will be released later this year – will stop guitar music falling into the abyss, resting safe in the grateful arms of their ‘feel-good’ music.

“Tom was really happy because it’s a feel-good album,” Pizzorno told Q Magazine. “It’s about saving guitar music from the abyss! Because it’s gone. They’re great songs to sing, they were made for him, for that.”

Coming to a stage near you draped in Leicester City scarfs and flags, donning sunglasses in the rain with a warm lager in a plastic cup alongside swagger that makes that bloke from Oasis cringe, Pizzorno went on to explain how frontman Tom Meighan is so relatable to people like you and I, you know, the normals:

“His heart is on his sleeve and he can get hurt, because he’s so open,” he said of his band mate. “That’s why people relate to him. He can stand in front of a hundred thousand people and they come away feeling not so alone, they’ve connected with this man who can show them their pain and their euphoria.

“It’s powerful, do you know what I mean? We’re real. Especially Tom. He’s the realest fucking man there is. You can slag that off if you want but he’s more real than I’ll ever be.”

‘The realest fucking man there is.’

If you want to see Kasabian, they’ll be playing the time-warp of a festival that is Reading and Leeds alongside some other fucking real men like Eminem, Muse and Two Door Cinema Club.

One of the band members endured a break-up last year and, almost with an unerring coincidence, the band plan to share new song ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’.

Lovely gesture from the fucking realest men going. So fucking real. I can relate brother, this shit is real. So fucking real.

Sergio on You’re In Love With A Psycho #newalbum #comingsoon

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“You’re In Love With A Psycho is one of the first tunes I wrote on the album, for the album. It took about 15 minutes. It just flowed. I didn’t really think and all the lyrics came…”

15 minutes? No fucking way. I’m not having that lads, that’s crazy. No wonder I can relate to you, 15 minutes.