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Menace Beach share video for 'Black Rainbow Sound'


We recently brought you the new title track from Leeds duo Menace Beach as they announce their new album Black Rainbow Sound. It came with a punchy bassline and a big old heap of anticipation for the new record. Now they’ve shared a brand new video.

The video is a trip. Simply put, it’s a black and white peep through Alice’s looking glass. A developing monochrome fall through space and time – perfect for what is an entirely bouncing new track featuring The Fall member Brix Smith. An 8-bit bop across the airwaves.

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Speaking about the video to DIY, Liza Violet says: “It was created by Sara Serna who is a collage animator, graphic artist and musician living in Medellin, Columbia. We’ve been chatting about doing a collaboration for a while after we got friendly via Instagram. I love that she seems to get a lot of imagery from her local area and a lot of her artwork seems to touch on her country’s past and present political and social history.”

Director Sara Serna went on to add “Each part of the video was designed and animated in cut out style, handmade and lo fi combined. The idea was to create a chaos of paper, using plants and dark animals, along with some details of the band in between.”