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Menace Beach return with new album and its title track 'Black Rainbow Sound'


Ryan and Liza of Menace Beach are back and back with a brand new album and its title track ‘Black Rainbow Sound’ which even features former The Fall member Brix Smith adding some moving spoken word. And damn! It’s a banger.

Built across a Krautrock foundation the framework is guitar-pop led but this is a very different house for Menace Beach. They progress through an 8-bit pop-tacular song which hints at whole new look for the upcoming record.

“We’ve always used synths and electronic elements,” Ryan says of the new record while speaking to DIY, ”but for me the eureka moment in defining the sound of this record was hearing Dean Honer’s remix of ‘Maybe We’ll Drown’ from the last record. He just teleported the song in another world but it totally worked not only sonically but by retaining all the wonkiness and kinda low-fi ’Menace Beach’ character. It was really inspiring that something we’d been reaching for sonically for ages, and almost given up on, just sounded so perfect.”

Liza goes on to say “There’s always been a bit of artistic push and pull between us on the balance of synth noise vs guitars noise and the guitars have previously always taken over by the time we leave the studio, probably because we all know now how to make loud guitars sound really exciting in a room. But lately I’ve been feeling too much reality in the sound of a guitar and I really wanted to give something more this time. I wasn’t really prepared to compromise”

Take a look at the artwork and listen to Black Rainbow Sound‘s title track below. It’s out on 31st August 2018