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Melody's Echo Chamber drops new single 'Personal Message'

Melody's Echo Chamber - 'Personal Message'

Hot off her recent return from a four-year-long hiatus, Melody Prochet has dropped her second single of 2022 as Melody’s Echo Chamber, ‘Personal Message’.

Get out your Google Translate app, because half of the lyrics in ‘Personal Message’ are in French. A wonderfully wonky way to weave in poetic lines of self-preservation and determination, the French lyrics and English lyrics are equally open to interpretation, but it’s easy to pick up a palpable feeling of perseverance. Even if you opt not to translate the words, the lyrics are buoyed by a light-as-air arrangement.

The psychedelic backing track, an Echo Chamber staple, was influenced this time around by Prochet’s collaborations with some of her peers. “I played violin with Gustav Esjtes of Dungen and Josefin Runsteen,” Prochet explains in a press release. “Josefin has transcended the string section to another dimension with her warm virtuosity.” 
She continued: “I think the music revealed itself so naturally, we didn’t change much from the original material. The story is inspired by a place I lived by the sea in the south of France. When something disenchanting happened, I would take refuge near my house on the peninsula under the pines, a natural sanctuary where I sent wishes to the shore, I was soothed by its beauty. The song has this washed out wooden and salty vibe like a marine bird.” 

Lush, spacey, and easy on the ears, ‘Personal Message’ is the second welcome return from Prochet after releasing her single ‘Looking Backward’ a few weeks ago. This is all ramping up to a full-length return on Prochet’s third studio album, Emotional Eternal, which will be dropped at the end of April.

Check out the video for ‘Personal Message’ down below. Emotional Eternal is set for an April 29th release.